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Top 7 Unique Things To Do In Bend Oregon

Things that you can only do in and around Bend.

Bend Oregon is a hidden gem and a very popular vacation destination, therefore, you will be sure to find your own top 7 unique things to do in Bend Oregon. But until you do, Bend Guru will give you our top list! 

As the largest city in Central Oregon (and third largest in the state), Bend is the heart of the typical outdoorsy life. Vacationers come from all over the world; Hikers, skiers, kayakers, climbers, and everything outdoorsy in between, just to get a taste of the adventure that only Bend Oregon has to offer. Bend is a place where you just want to be outdoors…do outdoors…breathe outdoors (did we mention how clean and amazing the air is?!). Bet you can feel your adrenaline piquing your adventurous self right now.

You may not know, until now, that Bend is a hidden gem and a very popular vacation destination. From surfing in the snow, to finding Bigfoot to hiking a volcano, you will not be bored finding something amazing to do. Not to mention, thing about when you’re vacation is over and going back home and bragging to your friends the unique things to do in Bend Oregon

There are many places out west that have outdoorsy adventures, but there are unique things to do in Bend that you can only find in here in the heart of Central Oregon

Here is Bend Guru's Picks for Top 7 Unique Things To Do in Bend Oregon...

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Top 7 Unique Things To Do In Bend Oregon

Top 7 Unique Things To Do In Bend Oregon

1. Hike an Actual Volcano!

The Newberry National Volcanic Monument is one of the BEST places in the world to see volcanoes and caves! Head to the visitor’s center and get your information.  The Oregon famous Lava Butte is an easy hike (you can drive on a pathed road, so don’t let the word hike dissuade you.  It’s an easy hike and well worth it! The view is spectacular and you can even feed the chipmunks that roam the area around Lava Butte.  You can see some great views of the surrounding lava fields and see how far the lava bed flowed and how that hot magma created the part of the Earth that we now call Central Oregon.  Post your selfie with the hashtags: #BendGuru #IhikedAVolcanoInBend

Lava butte bend oregon bend guru

2. Go spelunking in an actual Lava River Cave

Plan your day when you go to Newberry National Volcanic Monument to next you visit the Lava River Cave – Oregon’s longest magma tube cavern. Explore stalactites and stalagmites (stalactites form on the ceilings of caves, while stalagmites are found on the ground) as you go deeper and deeper underground . Take a 1-2 hour guided tour or explore yourself. Bring a flashlight or rent a lantern. It’s also underground and chilly, so don’t forget to bring a sweater. It’s a Bend Oregon must see adventure. Post your selfie with the hashtags: #BendGuru #ISpelunkedInBend

oregon lava cave stalagtite bend guru

3. See One Of Oregon's 7 Wonders of the World!

The Smith Rock State Park is viewed as one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon…and when you see it, you will understand. Rock climbers from around the world come to climb these towering volcanic cliffs. It’s only a 30 minutes drive from Bend and it’s a definite must-see when visiting the Bend area. Post your selfie with the hashtags: #BendGuru #IhikedSmithRock #IclimbedSmithRock

smith rock oregon bend guru

4. Surf in The Snow...Yes, In The Snow.

The Bend Whitewater Park, off of the Deschutes River, is the place to go bring out your surfer-dude persona and hit the “frozen waves”. The recreation center offers bodyboarding, surfing, and whitewater kayaking, and it’s the facilities are open all year round. A popular attraction all year around (which means if you’re not hard-core enough to surf in the snow, you can surf in the summertime as well). It’s definitely a popular Bend-thing to do, but if you love to surf, will have a blast! It’s also a FREE thing to do in Bend (see other blogs) but you need to bring your own gear.  Post your selfie with the hashtags: #BendGuru #ISurfedInSnowInBend 

5. See a River Come Right Of The Mountain

The Metolius River is one of the largest spring-fed rivers in America. The beauty of the Metolius is that it merges suddenly out of the side of the Black Butte and is instantly a full-flowing river. Nobody knows the source of the river’s start, but some say melting glaciers but geologists now speculate that the source is from the Cascade Mountains toward the west. While you’re there, the Metolius Trail is a great way to spend the day hiking and picnicking and enjoying the park’s mountainous view. Post your selfie with the hashtags: #BendGuru #ISawTheMetolius

metolius river bend oregon

6. Search for Sasquatch aka Bigfoot From a Helicopter

Be in search for Bigfoot and go on Big Mountain Heli’s Sasquatch Helicopter Tour. This Bigfoot searching adventure is offers an 80-mile picturesque helicopter experience over areas of Central Oregon that most people don’t ever get to see. Regardless of whether you don’t spot Bigfoot, you’ll get to see spectacular visions of the snow-topped Cascade Mountains, see Lava Beds, and all the beauty we that we love. Plus, imagine telling your adventure to all of your friends! Post your selfie with the hashtags:#BendGuru #IFoundBigFootInBend

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7. Visit the Last Blockbuster Video on the Planet!

Bend, Oregon is home to the last Blockbuster on Earth (second to last was in Australia). Go get a selfie in front of the store, or go in and rent a movie (most hotels have dvd players to rent) and pick up some swag for nostalgia’s sake.  Post your selfie with the hashtags: #LastBlockbuster and #BendGuru to have your selfie featured on our BendGuru.com!

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Top 7 Unique Things To Do In Bend Oregon

Bend Oregon Things To Do

Bend Oregon things to do for anything and everything Bend and Central Oregon. Bend Oregon is a hidden gem and a very popular vacation destination. Bend Guru for your things to do in Bend Oregon.

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Bend has so much to do all year around, you will never be bored. You may have a hard time choosing what you want to do, but once you do, you will make memories to last a lifetime! Now, go search for your thing to do in Bend Oregon.

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Bend Oregon Things To Do

Bend Oregon things to do for anything and everything Bend and Central Oregon. Bend Oregon is a hidden gem and a very popular vacation destination. Bend Guru for your things to do in Bend Oregon.

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Bend Oregon Things To Do

Bend Oregon things to do for anything and everything Bend and Central Oregon. Bend Oregon is a hidden gem and a very popular vacation destination. Bend Guru for your things to do in Bend Oregon.

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